GPS Dog Collar Tracking – Effective and Affordable

Your dear and darling pets love to wander and if given some time they can really manage to vanish from your sight. It is something of great pleasure to them, but it is a source of tension for you. It is not possible on your part to keep track of them each and every moment, but if after sometime when you realize that it is no where around the yard or not even in the rarest nooks of your broad garden, then there is simply no end of your worries I am sure.

So if you can manage something like the above mentioned product then the work of locating down your pet would naturally grow quite simple I am sure. Your dog can be located very easily if a GPS dog collar tracking device is attached on its collar.

It is very effective and at the same time available at a price that would not burn a hole into your pockets. There are many developments that are being achieved in this field, but at the moment there are two types of products are available in the market.

The first one acts via a cell phone. The device works by sending signals to your cell phones. You can also receive alerts through emails and pagers. But the disadvantage of this device or this way of tracking through cell phone is that, the device will not work if you visit an area that has no coverage.

In that case it would be rendered useless. But as such it is very effective, the size is really small and the collar price is not included in the product price. The battery is really effective and once charged it can last really long.

The lithium ion battery usually puts up a good performance and it would also send you a signal when the charge is growing low so that gps dog collar you can have it charged before its runs out of charge completely.

The other kind of GPS dog collar tracking makes use of radio waves in order to let you know the position of your lost or wandering dog. The transmission range is a little low in this case but there are no ongoing service charges involved in this. Through a simple hand held receiver the data is transmitted.

The units look a little bulky, there are models that can work up till a range of 5 miles and then there are products that only work for one mile. Rechargeable batteries are provided for the collar and the handheld units.

While buying a GPS dog collar tracking device you must take note of certain things. You should take note of the battery life most importantly, you must note down the range for which it is active, the ongoing service charges or fees. Instead of going for water resistant product just, it is better to go for the water proof ones. You must remember one thing that as soon as you attach something heavy on the collar of your dog you are increasing its risk to get hung up with something.

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