Lay Betting Guide for Beginers

Lay Betting Guide for Beginers



lay having a bet is completely particular to betfair. whilst you vicinity a lay wager you’re having a bet on an final results not to appear.

discover how lay betting works through analyzing our examples and looking the innovative video below.


right here’s a few examples:

  • winx now not to win her subsequent race
  • australia now not to overcome new zealand in the bledisloe cup
  • collingwood magpies not to win the grand final

essentially, you are providing a fee that other human beings can back guess with you.

what do the odds constitute?

the percentages you may see inside the red column of the marketplace view, the lay rate, is the rate that someone wants to area a returned bet at however is but to be matched (a proposal) 토토사이트. you have the opportunity to take this provide right away instead of setting your very own odds up. alternatively, you could input your very own odds, and see if it receives matched.


damaged down, there are three key additives:

  • lay odds – the percentages that you are prepared to offer someone looking to location a back guess.
  • backers stake – the amount you are prepared to permit the backer bet with you. this is your capability winnings.
  • liability – (lay odds) x (backer’s stake) – (backer’s stake). that is the amount you’re risking.


here is an instance on golf:

you don’t suppose jordan spieth can win the usa masters. and you see the lay odds are $8. you make a decision to lay jordan spieth for a backers stake of $50. this means your liability is $8 x $50 = $four hundred – $50 = $350. because of this if jordan spieth doesn’t come first, you will make $50 (the backers stake). if jordan spieth does win, you lose $350.


why lay bet?

sometimes it is able to be less difficult to find a crew or horse(s) that won’t win in preference to locating the winner. in a 14 horse race there will simplest be 1 winner – if you could’t identify that winner it is probably less complicated to find a horse or multiple horses that you know won’t win.

another gain of lay having a bet is the potential to ‘alternate out’ of an earlier wager that you could have had.


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