New Action Movie Due For Release

There’s a new Australian movie released called Tomorrow When The War Began. It is based on the first in a series of seven books by popular Australian author John Marsden. Tomorrow When The War Began movie is based on a story of seven teens who go on a camping trip for a week and return to find the country has been invaded by a foreign enemy force.

After finding their homes abandoned and their families held captive in the town’s showground, they decide to work together against the enemy in true guerrilla style. They really have to step up and commit acts foreign to a normal teenager but actions that are necessary in order to save themselves and to try to stop the enemy force. It’s often a me or them scenario at times.

It’s a frightening situation they find themselves in – to come home to abandoned homes and their animals dying from starvation and dehydration; trying to find out what has happened to their families; being chased by enemy soldiers; one of their homes being blown up in front of their eyes; hiding out and trying to get rations to help them survive the ordeal. visit:-

The teens come up with ingenious plans to try and stop the enemy forces and show great courage and initiative in carrying out their plans. This is an action and adventure story of teenagers pushed to their limits and fighting for the freedom of their town and their families.

They can’t overcome the enemy on their own but they can certainly slow them down with the brilliant idea they form to blow up the main highway into their town. What they have to do in order to carry out their plan is filled with danger and the teens themselves are frightened out of their minds but they are not going down without a fight.

The Tomorrow When The War Began movie is produced to appeal to a teen audience but this coming of age story is sure to appeal to audiences both young and old alike. Many young people have enjoyed reading the book that the movie is based on – over two million copies of the book sold in Australia and New Zealand alone – so the movie should prove just as popular.

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