Pay Careful Attention

There are some things in life that we must pay careful attention to. How would you feel going for an operation, and the doctor was not a person who paid attention? How would you feel eating out at a restaurant, and the chef did not pay attention to what He was doing? We need to pay attention while driving, one of the reasons they tell us no texting while driving. We need to pay attention when getting ready to travel: you wouldn’t want to reach the airport then realize that you left your passport. When I was leaving from Guyana to return to Barbados, I had to travel one hour by boat then another hour by car to reach the airport. It would have been hard, after all that, to have gotten to the airport then to find that I didn’t have my passport.

God also wants us to pay attention to truth, to His Word so that we do not allow the truth to drift away, or so that we don’t drift away from the truth. To drift away means to allow to flow past. Have you ever tried to get something that blew away from you? If it was important, I am sure that you ran behind it until you were able to get it. Many Christians know truth, but they don’t practice truth. If God can find 12 men and/or women that will pay careful attention to His truth, He can revolutionize the world. The early disciples took God at His word, and turned the then known world upside down.

The Jewish Christians to whom the writer of Hebrews was writing were looking to return to the Law. They felt that the Law was superior to salvation through Jesus Christ, that somehow they were missing out on a critical element if they did not subscribe to the rudiments of the Law. These Christians had to be reminded that Jesus was superior to angels and to Moses, that He is the perfect High Priest and that the new covenant is superior to the old covenant. They were in danger of allowing truth to drift past them. I want to challenge you with some truths that we need to pay attention to.

Love the Lord
First, I want to challenge us to pay careful attention to the truth of loving the Lord. Scripture tells us to love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment (Matthew 22:37, 38). If we love God/Jesus we will keep His commandments. We will study and live out the truths of Scripture. We will worship God in spirit and in truth. A filmes cristãos 2019 person who delights in the Lord will praise Him. The psalms are replete with praises; even in challenging times, the psalmists praised the Lord. They recognized Him as the Sovereign God, Yahweh, Adonai; they were mindful of His blessings in their lives. People who love God cannot help but to worship Him.

When we love God, we will submit to God’s delegated authority. This means that we will submit to, respect and follow our leaders whether they are leaders in the church, in the home, in the workplace or in the country. When we love God we will give generously to God’s work. I believe in the tithe as a biblical principle, but more important than the tithe is the principle of generous giving. Our giving is ultimately to God and is an indispensable part of our worship. Those who struggle to give really don’t love God as much as they think they do or they are ignorant of the grace of giving. If you have problems with your church’s stewardship of the offerings, then perhaps you need to find another place of worship. That should be no excuse to fail to give to God. When we love God, we will be faithful in our service to God. We will step out in faith and we will do our ministry with a spirit of excellence. When we love God, we will desire to be like Jesus: to walk in His anointing, to walk in His holiness and to spend time in fellowship with Him and the Father.

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