The Fundamental Flaw of the Reverse Funnel System Exposed

I’m not here to bash the Reverse Funnel System. I am here however to expose the fundamental flaw of the system that will have you flushing your hard earned money down the toilet.

I am a former member of the Reverse Funnel Marketing system. I used to market Global Resorts Network and I made thousands of dollars using this system. After about 3 months of using the system clickfunnels coupon I noticed that my conversion rates from leads to $50 applications went way down. The reason became apparent very quickly.

As people enter your Reverse Funnel System they start to get some hyped up information. They then get to the $50 application page that they have to pay if they want to get more information. Keep in mind at this point the person does not even know what RFS is marketing. This fee is to weed out the serious prospects from the tire kickers. Good idea in theory, however, at the prospects peak of interest most prospects (like good consumers) will jump out of the Funnel and research RFS and Ty Coughlin online.

As they jump out of your generic site they will likely find 100 other generic sites and most importantly they will run across sites of personally branded leaders in the industry. These leaders use the RFS system ($300/month) as well as custom landing pages usually with video ($100+ month) and their own auto-responders($20/month) to brand themselves as leaders making money with the Reverse Funnel System.

These leaders will promise better success rate and an insight into their marketing genius if you join them instead of the generic site that you previously visited. At this point the prospect will jump out of “Your” funnel into the Funnel of the branded leader. All of a sudden your hard earned advertising dollars just made a sale for a branded leader that is already making lots of money.

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